Zoomer – The Awesomely Lovable and Interactive Robotic Dog Toy

Age: 5 to 10 year old. Price: $ 99 Approx. Top Ten Robotic Toys 2014.

Kids instantly fall in love with Zoomer the adorable robotic dog toy. Zoomer is full of energy and tricks which keeps 5 to 10 year old entertained and engaged. Zoomer listens to voice commands (in English, French and Spanish) which kids find simply awesome.


The other add-on benefit of this robot dog toy is that it helps kids undergoing speech therapy practice commands till Zoomer responds. Zoomer barks, talks, sits, lays over and even shakes its paws on voice commands. It also responds to gestures which is awesome. It’s best tricks are in the `secret trick mode’. It can even be taught new tricks which drive kids absolutely insane. There are many tricks like Ping Pong, Casino Baby and Show me Money which kids learn to teach Zoomer by checking out YouTube. Zoomer-robotic-dog-2

It is easy to start up with its step-by-step instructions booklet and unlike many other tech-toys it is really simple. It has its own rechargeable batteries with charger.

Zoomer is a package full of enjoyment and excitement not only for the proud kid owner but also his friends. In fact, this robot pet can also take center stage in any fun birthday party and keep every child thrilled. This toy is almost like a real puppy which instantly attracts kids and they get attached to it. It also helps kids learn how to pet dogs nicely and gently. It’s a toy which can be a kid’s cool ‘first puppy’.




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zoomer-robotic-dog-mashable-logoZoomer: The Robotic Dog for People Who Can’t Have Pets

robotic-dog-zoomer-review-pc-mag-logoZoomer is a robot dog that will be a welcome addition to any family.

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