Worlds smallest and cutest Robot Toy Ozobot

Age: 14+ to adults. Price: $ 50 approx. Amazon: 5 Star Rating

This super cute, robot toy is so small that it can comfortably function atop your tablet; but it can also scamper around on paper or game boards.

It is among the newest robots for kids and is shaped like a circular orb with transparent top and small wheels underneath. You can ‘ask’ it to follow colored lines on any surface and it can react differently when it reads a different color line. For one it changes its own color according the color of the line it is travelling on, plus it changes it speed as well.

ozobot-1This ‘ask’ is the programming bit which actually anybody can do, but children get the most fun of from this programming. 5 year olds can start enjoying this robot toy; the only reason the manufacturer has recommended it for 14+ old kids as it might be swallowed by smaller children. But us a cool robot for kids to get to know the basics of programming, for sure. The website has a complete list of Ozocodes and kids can use their imagination to build their own games with Ozobot.

PrintIn fact the whole thought behind developing this robot toy for kids was to move kids from the augmented reality of gaming consoles to physical play. And kids find the Ozobots a super cool toy play maze games, mind teasers and race tracks. There a good choice of social,strategic and competitive games.

This robotic toy is compatible with botozobot3h iOS and Android tablets preferably the 9 inch one with apps. For the first time it has to be calibrated to the surface. With the app you can open different games.

This is a toy which kids can enjoy even more when they have 2 Ozobots. So that you too can join the fun!


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