Top STEM Toys make Programming Unbelievably Fun

As smart phones, internet of things and robots proliferate and enter our everyday lives, STEM job opportunities are on the rise.

The best way to induce a kids interest in STEM field is to introduce STEM toys at an early age.

Beth Holloway, director of the Women in Engineering Program at Purdue University, says that toys that let kids design and build something are a great first step in inspiring them to consider a STEM career. A recent Microsoft sponsored research found that 61% of male students pursued STEM because they enjoyed games/toys focused on their area of subject. The research goes on to deduce that girls generally do not choose STEM university courses because STEM toys are not encouraged amongst girls.

While searching for toys for my children I liked found these to be the top STEM toys, which besides being inculcating STEM skills also encourage children to learn programming while having fun.

Cubelets – Awesome Fun Robotics Kits (Age 8+ years)

cubelets-2-robotics-kitsThe beauty of Cubelets is that it has amalgamated the simplicity of building blocks with robotics. Each block has been given a different function and they all can be put together in innumerable combinations to make toy robots which not only move but also respond to had gestures. On top of it is now compatible with Lego so a simple Lego kit can be transformed into a robotic Lego, if you haven’t got the robotic Lego kit yet.

Cubelets is for sure a top robot toy for kids to bring out the inventor in them. Read More

Dot-and-Dash – The Adorable Robotic Toy Which teaches Coding (Age 5+ years)

dot-and-dash-stem-toysDot-and-Dash is a delightful robotic toy set with rounded bodies and endearing and lively orange eyes. It is a perfect STEM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) which allows kids to learn coding the fun way.

Dash is the more playful one and is mobile. It displays its liveliness with lights and sounds. Dot, on the other hand, is the quieter  one (it cannot move around) and is designed to be the controller and interact with Dash via Bluetooth. Kids can use an iPad Mini or other iOS device (doesn’t work too well on an Android device) to program Dash and Dot. It is very simple to program using Blocky, a visual programming language developed by Google Read More…

The Super Exciting STEM ToyRobot Turtle Board Game (Age 3-8 years)

STEM-Toy-Robot-Turtle-PlayYou can never imagine a simpler STEM toy board game which even a bunch 3 year old preschooler can grasp and enjoy endless hours of fun.

The best part of this board game is that it teaches the basics of programming, a skill which is being considered as essential by today’s education experts. Yes it is a low-tech STEM toy to teach hi-end programming skills. This board game has a various levels of difficulty and the higher level are are for kids 5 years and above.

In this board game every player is a Turtle Master with a turtle and a matching deck of simple instruction cards. Plus there is jewel for each player on the board, the destination. The objective for each player is to navigate the turtle to reach the jewel by playing the instruction cards. Read More…

MindstormsThe Amazing Programmable DIY Robot Kit by Lego (Age: 8+ years)

Mindsstrom-DIY-Robot-2Lego Mindstorms EV3 is an amazing upgraded DIY robot kit which inspire kids to build their own robot and then program the robot. It gives kids the complete experience, engagement and pride of building their very own programmable robot.

Like all Lego products it has multiple parts and an instruction booklet. The parts, include motor parts, remote control and of course the brain – the EV3 brick with powerful ARM9 processor and much more.

This DIY Robot is easy to use and if you need help there is a large online community where you learn new programming tricks as well. It is well worth its value not only for the excitement but also the way it makes programming fun for the kids. Read More

Worlds smallest and cutest Robot Toy Ozobot (Age 14 + years)

ozobot-1-robot-toyThis super cute, robot toy is so small that it can comfortably function atop your tablet; but it can also scamper around on paper or game boards.
It is among the newest robots for kids and is shaped like a circular orb with transparent top and small wheels underneath. You can ‘ask’ it to follow colored lines on any surface and it can react differently when it reads a different color line. For one it changes its own color according the color of the line it is travelling on, plus it changes it speed as well.

This ‘ask’ is the programming bit which actually anybody can do, but children get the most fun of from this programming. Even a 5 year old can start enjoying this robot toy; the only  reason the manufacturer has recommended it for 14+ old kids as it might be swallowed by smaller children. Read More…

I will be adding more toys as I research more interesting STEM toys. So remember to add this site to your RSS feed.


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