5 tips for first-time buyers of remote control toy drones

Drones are the hottest toys today not only for kids but also for adults. No wonder kid have been asking for remote control toy drones.

remote-control-toy-drones-buying-tipsThere are hundreds of models in the market and obviously you will get confused which one to buy – each different features and at different price points. The biggest attraction of a drone is not only the fact that

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How Robotics for Kids Competitions are encouraging STEM education

Robotics for kids competitions are taking schools across the world by storm, especially in USA. This is a healthy trend as jobs requiring STEM are increasing and these competitions encourage children to pick up STEM skills.

This trend is specially encouraging as most schools in USA put more emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities rather than on STEM education. There are many fund raising activities for sports and other events but very few for science

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How internet, tech gadgets and robotics for kids are affecting them?

As I watch my 10 year old son socialize with his friends I notice that he is very similar to me, when I was his age. He plays and enjoys himself either on the soccer field or at home playing board games and occasionally squabbles with his sister. I observe that he and his friends are ambitious in their own ways, trying out new things, enjoying school trips and interacting at school, socializing in the

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Why STEM Toys are so important for both boys and girls

While I was playing with my 10 year old daughter, I was thinking how exciting and interesting she finds the toys of my 12 year old son. I am not referring to not just the new toys but even the onstem-childrenes he has out grown. And then I remembered my recent visit to the

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Doggy-e-volution – from dogs to robot pets


Dog is mans best friend. Many people have dogs and take care of them like a child. But many have a dog but gradually get tired of the the responsibility and care which is required. In fact, many dog lovers do not keep a dog because of the sheer work and the expenses

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Can Robot Pets Prepare Kids for the Future?

I cannot imagine a single day without my smart device. I am immersedzoomer2 in a world of smart phones devices with which I interact with touch and also voice. My children are more comfortable with these devices than I am. Whenever I am in fix, I turn to them and they are able find a

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