The Super Fast-n-Crazy RC Robot Toy on Wheels

Age: 5+ years. Price: $99 (approx). Amazon:  4-stars

When this robotic toy moves at 14 mph it is one heck of fun to control Sphero Ollie. If your kid loves remote controlled cars this RC robot toy car like toy will drive him crazy. And as a dad you too will get the adrenaline rush racing and maneuverings Ollie.

sphero-robot-carOllie’s cylindrical shape, like a pop can with 2 rubberized wheels at 2 ends makes it easy to drive. Controlling it is simple with the apps downloaded on your smart device, iPhone or iPad. Just hook it with a smart device and it lights up, all ready for action. With the smart phone remote in your hands you can use it like a joy stick. Play around with Ollie and make it do all kinds of tricks- spins, jump, twist and Buy-Ollie-Robot-Carturns. You can even make it jump a ramp and it will fly off in air..but don’t worry it is tough.
The polycarbonate frame makes it rugged. The gyroscopic inside makes it a nimble robot car. Ollie can run on both smooth and rough surfaces. So you can race it on any race track, indoor or outdoor without tension.

sperolie-4You have to charge the Ollie using a USB, It takes 3 hours to charge for 1 hour of playtime to keep a energetic child busy and excited whether indoor or outdoors.



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