Hubsan offers durable and cheap toy drones – Hubsan Nano Quadcopter

Level: Beginners Price: $30 (approx) Amazon Rating: cheap-toy-drones-4-stars

Drones are the talk of town and every kid wants one. But drones are an expensive toy, right? Wrong.

Hubsan is offering durable and cheap toy drones through its pocket-sized model the Hubsan Nano quadcopter (branded as Estes Proto X” on Amazon in USA).

Hubsan has a reputation of bringing robust and durable quadcopters in the market. True to its lineage this Hubsan Nano quadcopter model  though mini-sized is pretty sturdy. Its construction and design offers a cool flying experience. It has built-in LED lights which makes it easier to track and maneuver the toy drone when visibility is low.


This quadcopter is the world’s smallest remote control Quadcopter. But looks can be deceptive because it is an awesome quadcopter.  It scores very highly on range, speed and even the height it can achieve. It has small but powerful remote control, but you can buy the bigger Hubsan remote as well.

It does not have a camera, but you would not expect a camera given its tiny size. It is the perfect drone to fly indoors, in a big room and get familiar with piloting a drone.

To evaluate whether this cheap toy drone is the right one for you or not please read this blog post ‘5 tips for first-time buyers of remote control toy drones

Note: Hubsan Q4 Quadcopter is branded as “Estes Proto X” in USA.

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