Doggy-e-volution – from dogs to robot pets


Dog is mans best friend. Many people have dogs and take care of them like a child. But many have a dog but gradually get tired of the the responsibility and care which is required. In fact, many dog lovers do not keep a dog because of the sheer work and the expenses involved.

Robot pets are the new alternative.Though it seems ridiculous that people would consider a electronic device a pet, but it has been proved scientifically that gradually owners do get attached to their robot pets. If a robot pet malfunctions the owners refuse to have a repaibo-croppedlacement but want the original one to be repaired.

Similarly children start relating and loving a robot pet. We all know children get attached to normal toys, which we all have experienced ourselves. No wonder they fall in love with a toy which responds to a child,obeys its commands and even displays emotions.

Toys like Cayla the Doll answers a childs questions, shares photos and plays games with them.  Similarly Zoomer the Dog can follow around its owner and display emotions with sound and changing color of its eyes.

zoomer-dog2As we move in to the future robotic technology will get even more sharper. Prof Stephen Hawking has warned that the rapid pace of this technology is a threat to mankind.

Let us get prepared for this future. With a faithful robot pet beside us!



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