The Adorable Robotic Toy which teaches Coding

Age: 5+ years. Price: $ 259 approx. Amazon Rating: robotic-toy-dot-and-dash-rating

dot-and-dash-robotic-toy-1Dot-and-Dash is a delightful robotic toy set with rounded bodies and endearing and lively orange eyes. It is a perfect STEM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) which allows kids to learn cBuy-dot-and-dash-robotic-toyoding the fun way.


Visual coding interface


Lets meet the robot duo. Dash is the more playful one and is mobile. It displays its liveliness with lights and sounds. It moves around the rooms on its 3 wheels and can be programmed to bounce off a wall, spin around or make cool sounds which can keep kids enthralled. There are interesting accessories which can be bought separately like the xylophone which Dash can be programmed to play . Dot, on the other hand, is the quieter  one (it cannot move around) and is designed to be the controller and interact with Dash via Bluetooth.

Kids can use an iPad Mini or other iOS device (doesn’t work too well on an Android device) to program Dash and Dot. It is very simple to program using Blocky, a visual programming language developed by Google, which teaches coding skills such as “event-based programming, sequencing, conditionals, and loops”. Coding is done by using the 4 apps.

The importance of learning STEM skills and innovation which Dot-and-Dash facilitate, is today emphasized by numerous educationists and futurists, as robots are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. Vikas Gupta, a former Google executive who founded Wonder Workshop, the developer of the toy believes that to make programming interesting to young children it has to be a tangible product and not just a software which they can run on a device like iPad.


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