Awesome modular Robotics Kits to build robots to match her imagination

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My kids loved building blocks when they were young. So when I got a chance to check these modular robotics kits called Cubelets I was more than intrigued. And when I took a closer look I was blown off by the whole concept of this STEM toy.


The beauty of Cubelets is that it has amalgamated the simplicity of building blocks with robotics. Each block has been given a different function and they all can be put together in innumerable combinations to make toy robots which not only move but also respond to had gestures. On top of it is now compatible with Lego so a simple Lego kit can be transformed into a robotic Lego, if you haven’t got the robotic Lego kit yet.

Check-out-cubelets-robotics-kitsThe blocks or modules are connected via ball magnet connectors, which makes all the joints between the blocks more flexible allowing them to swing or hinge.

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There are 4 types of blocks or modules. The first type is the battery module to provide power. The second is the spin and wheel module to which provides motion/action. The third type is Bluetooth model, which allows you to control the robotic toy using a smartphone. The last type is the motion sensor module which allows the robot to respond to hand gestures or even light.   These modules can be snapped together in functional configurations to make many-many models.

Cubelets is for sure a top robot toy for kids to bring out the inventor in them.


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