The Amazing Talking Robot Doll Friend Cayla

Age: 4+ years. Price: $ 89 (approx). Top Ten Robotic Toy 2014. 

Cayla the intelligent, talking doll is really, really something! Your daughter can actually spend hours with her – having cayla-robot-toy-2conversation, playing games or simply chatting. Cayla will increase her knowledge and intelligence, improve her social skills and of course be the doll she would like to take care of.

Cayla has artificial intelligence (AI) which is used in robotic technology to make her a knowledgeable and intelligent companion for any kid. While Cayla becomes a girl’s best friend, even boys want to interact and play with her, because of her intelligence.

To understand Cayla’s full potential just connect her to the internet. When you connect the Cayla through a downloaded app with an iOS device, be  it an iPhone or Buy-robot-doll-caylaiPad, Cayla answers questions from its question bank of 3000 questions.  Which means that you can be using your smart device while your daughter plays with Cayla…but the smart device has to be within 10 meters. You can also connect her via Wi-Fi.  (There is an Android version of the app as well, but that is not too great).

cayla-robot-doll-1Without the internet connectivity Cayla can still be quite lively and intelligent. Cayla can play games, read out stories and share her photographs with her friends.  But being an intelligent toy you need the internet connectivity to unravel all her true qualities.

Rest assured that even though Cayla is connected via the internet there is a safety net built in, to filter out offensive and inappropriate words.  And if anybody uses inappropriate words while speaking to her, Cayla will not respond.

While this toy robot doll toy does not have any movements, it has a super intelligent ‘brain’ which makes Cayla the ideal friend and companion doll for your daughter.


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